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We’re looking at the singular condition of poverty. All the other individual problems spring from that condition... doesn’t matter if it’s death, aid, trade, AIDS, famine, instability, governance, corruption or war. All of that is poverty. Our problem is that everybody tries to heal each of the individual aspects of poverty, not poverty itself.
-- Bob Geldof


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We use the preferred methods for handling the problem of transferring personal data securely over the Internet. When you fill out the order form and press the "submit secure order" button, the information you entered is passed along a "secure socket layer", or SSL, where the information is encrypted to reach our server computer.

To guarantee that our customer receive the best value for their money uses standard post to deliver our products. We also take care of the cost of all insurance to protect our customers purchases.

Items ordered together will not necessarily be shipped together. If any item is not in stock, we will notify you as quickly as we can and ask you whether you would like to backorder or cancel.


Every effort has been made to offer our customers with detail and close-up shots of items, so that you can have a better view and idea of what the item(s) really look like. We do recognize, however, that pictures are not the same as personal or physical touch, feel or view. As a result, offers an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

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