'Malian wood mask, 'Sacred Kanaga'

Originally designed for sacred – and secret – rituals, the Kanaga mask originates from Dogon religious customs. Salihu Ibrahim replicates the mask with extraordinary attention to detail, keen to preserve Dogon stylizations. The mask features the face of a fierce beast with a raffia mane. Featuring horns and pointy tusks, the visage serves as a fearsome vision. On its forehead, the piece features an eagle with its beak inside another animal. Finally, the sese wood mask features red cotton earrings with red beads.

Hailing from Mali, Dogon custom dictates that only the village's blacksmith can craft the Kanaga mask, inside a secret cave. The mask is to be fashioned after a wild forest hog. Whomsoever wears the Kanaga mask during the Dogon's sacred ceremonies is believed to become the Creator, symbolically. Nowadays these dances are performed for the public yet there are Dogon people who fear, respect and depend on the power of the mask, and thus are very respectful Kanaga.


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