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About Us was created to share with you the magnificent art and crafts of Africa for your joy and for the benefit of artists and craftsmen and their families in Africa. We source our artwork directly from Africa from countries like Cote d’ivoire, Cameroon, central African republic, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa to name a few and work with local artisans with whom we have developed a long standing relationships. 
We have collected African art for a long time. We have bought African art because we love the work, not because of any purported investment value. Understanding the cultural significance of any piece adds to its richness, but, more important, is just enjoying the piece of art. It is important that we enjoy what we buy, and that after many years of displaying our art (no matter how big or small), we still enjoy looking at it and wondering about it.
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Why we do it

That is why we collect African art.  Obviously many one-of-a-kind pieces are investments because of inherent age and rarity (patina, age cracks, oils, soiling, traditional use and form), and naturally we pay a premium for this. Some will become valuable for less obvious reasons, for example, Zulu beer baskets. There simply are not that many traditional weavers in Zululand who make them any more.

Buying and collecting African art only because it has an “investment” value, and is "traditional", is very unfair to the many, many thousands (literally) of talented artists and artisans who have made this their only means of income. For these fine people, what they create with their hands is vital to them and their families, and very important to their ability to independently sustain themselves and grow their business. It plays a significant role in what is referred to as the informal sector in African economies.

All our products are made on the principles of Fair Trade which is a market based approach to alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability by paying fair prices as well as maintaining social and environmental standards.


Shipping charges might be higher on international destinations, (outside Canada and the U.S.)  you will be  informed by email once we receive your order and destination, and await your acceptance and approval of charges before shipping. do not worry, you will not be charged before acceptance of shipping charges.

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